• CF-L1 Certificate
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • CF Mobility Certificate
  • CF Weightlifting Certificate
  • 3 years of CrossFit coaching and personal training experience

Favorite Lift: Power Clean // Favorite Movement: Max Height Box Jumps

My journey with CrossFit started in the backyard of my brother’s house (July 2011) as a training program to help me prepare for the 2012 SoCal Tough Mudder.  At that point I was 235lbs and not in a good state of physical or mental health.  I never went to the gym and it definitely showed.  I was overweight, sick and depressed.  CrossFit changed all that for me.  Pull-ups were impossible, running was unbearable and I had no clue what Olympic lifting was; it was a wake up call.  Slowly but surely the weight fell off, muscle grew where I never thought it would and I was getting stronger, faster and healthier.  Now here I am, 4 years into CrossFit and I am around 195lbs.  Not only have I lost weight, I am much stronger, I’ve developed new skills and am enjoying a healthier lifestyle.  I have CrossFit and a healthy diet to thank.  CrossFit has opened my eyes to a multitude of opportunities, friends and life changing events; it is something that I cherish whole-heartedly.  I believe that CrossFit has the potential to bring about the best version of you every single day whether it’s in the box or during everyday life.  Apply what you learn in the box and take it elsewhere.  Knowledge is power and at the bare minimum I hope to help people learn something every day.

Other sports I’ve played include Basketball since I was 8 (played varsity in high school & still play), Volleyball Since I was 10 (played club and was on traveling teams) and Tennis since I was 16 (2 years in high school and two years at Allan Hancock Community College).

As a new single father I am finding that time is not my own, however, when I do find myself with some “me time,” I enjoy working out.  

Fun-fact: I used to be a hip-hop dance instructor.  So from time-to-time I like to dust off the dancing shoes.  I am also looking into taking up some ukulele lessons soon.